Martin Beevers

“I have been rebuilding the dry-stone walls of my native South Yorkshire and Derbyshire for over 15 years now. It began out of idle curiosity. Then after several years gaining professional qualifications with the Dry-Stone Walling Association of Great Britain, developed into a major life changing passion. A passion I have brought with me from the green fields of Northern England, to the stunningly beautiful State of Tennessee. A region I have fallen in love with. And in Middle Tennessee, an area that boasts its own historical traditions of Dry-Stack walls.
When you think of Nashville, you don’t necessarily think of old rock walls. But you don’t have to travel many miles from the bright lights of Broadway before you start noticing some of these vestiges of a bygone era. And venture farther out, beyond the city confines to places like Belle Meade, West Meade, Forest Hills and Franklin and they become a common sight.

And so, I find myself here in Nashville, beginning my journey to help reintroduce the forgotten art of dry-stone walling to this wonderful part of the American South. If you would like to know more about the classes I will be giving at the Old England Rock Walls training Center, or have projects that you are interested in realizing, full information can be found on here, or please visit The Land , or the The Stone Trust.”


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